I’m in love with MOOCs

Dear ALL,

These months I’m very busy but I love it!

In this dynamic world everything changes so fast! Population increase, diseases increase, solutions increase, opportunities increase…

Some years ago I started some e-learnings with NGO’s and other kind of organizations. This year World Bank Institute surprised me with a very good e-learning “Violence, conflict & fragility” and after with ” Introduction to Disaster Risk Management”. I highly recommend its Institute : http://einstitute.worldbank.org/  

Inma, a friend that I met in Freetown, told me about COURSERA where I found one of the most interest courses I’ve never found in my field: Resilience in children exposed to trauma, disaster and war. Minessota University+ Coursera. https://www.coursera.org/  

There I learnt more about MOOC: massive open online course (MOOC). It means if you have internet and time ( unfortunately a lots of young people unemployed have that) you can use it to learn, improve your skills, and be better prepared to work. The majority of the courses are free and you can have a certificate if you complete the assignments. You can find in almost all the areas but it’s depending on your research skills. For example:

– Would you like to improve your Public speaking? You have a course organized by Washington University that I really like: https://www.coursera.org/learn/publicspeaking 

– The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has unveiled the first-ever ‘Massive Open Online Course’ (MOOC) on how to minimize disaster risk through natural or ecosystem-based solutions. read more: http://climate-l.iisd.org/news/unep-online-course-focuses-on-disaster-risk-ecosystem-based-solutions/ More information If you are interested in enrolling for the course or require additional information, please contact them at: the.mooc@unep.org     

– In my opinion Plan International is, with Save The Children, Red Cross, World’s Vision, and other international organizations, one of the most efficient NGOs working with children. I’m not sure if this is a MOOC or not but I highly recommended for the people interested in working with children in complex context, emergency and more. http://learn.plan-academy.org/  Child protection in emergencies, Education in emergencies and more!

– And still in Disaster risk management topics. https://disasterready.csod.com  For example Humanitarian Starter Pack 1  “Just starting out in your humanitarian career or heading to the field for your first emergency deployment? Through a combination of online courses, videos, and guide booklets, the Starter Pack will help familiarize you with the international standards and best practices that underpin effective and accountable humanitarian action.” Urban Refugee Learning Program (URLP), UNHCR Protection Induction Programme, WASH courses, language courses, etc.  

About Health http://www.globalhealthlearning.org/ 

We also have http://en.humanitariannavigator.org/courses/  Building a Better Response or “Basic Security In The Field II (BSITF II) contains vital security information for personnel, family members and others covered by the UN Security Management System (UNSMS).”


I’m sure we can find out the best e-learning for as, improve as professionals and as individuals and after…find a better job!


Marisa Gámez



Hernan Zin site

Hernan Zin is, in my opinion, one of the best journalist commited with war and poverty. He has travelled in more than 40 countries in the world.

When I read “La libertad del compromiso” (Freedom of commitment) or “Un voluntario en Calcuta” (A volonteer in Kolkhatta) I felt in love with his books and his documentaries.

Last month I saw Shanty Towns and last week War against Women and I lved it. That’s why I think he has to be here, in recommendations.

Hernan Zin site