Parched, a story about women in a rural area of Rajasthan

Dear friends,

One month ago I went to the cinema Albéniz in Málaga to watch Parched ( La estación de las mujeres).

Yesterday we went to visit a Community Driven Development focus on Widows Empowerment and I wanted to share with you this movie.


“Parched’ is a story about women set in the heart of parched rural landscape of Rajasthan, India. It traces the bittersweet tale of four ordinary women Rani, Lajjo, Bijli and Janaki. We see them unapologetically talk about men, sex and life as they struggle with their individual boundaries to face their demons and stage their own personal wars.”


Water, by Deepa Mehta

I remember when I watched WATER and, of course, I remember the pain and the tears.

“Water is set in 1938 and explores the lives of widows in Varanasi, India. It is a dark introspect into the tales of rural Indian widows in the 1940s and covers controversial subjects such as misogyny and ostracism. It was first released in India on 9 March 2007.

I recommend this movie because now I am in India and yesterday we went to visit a project called “Justice For Widows”. After 11 years, here in the villages of Warangal it’s still the same situation, but Bala Vikasa is changing this!

Thanks and… let’s learn from this movie and this reality!






Small lights

I feel grateful!

Most of the time Life, Love or God, brings to my life small lights to enlighten me.

Here I am talking about my room mate, Geneviève Minville, a wonderful young lady wtih a beautiful heart.

Sunday night when I arrived after a long travel from Malaga, Paris, Mumbai,Hyderabrad until Warangal, she welcomed me with a wonderful white smile. 

We spend our shared time having deep, ethical, moral, interesting conversations and of course also having fun singing ZAZ with the others. But something that I also value from her personality is that we can keep our space our silence.

She has a peaceful soul and she still transmits some kind of inocence, or maybe hope, and wherever she goes she gives light. 

So, yes, I am grateful for this room mate and new light close to me and of course open to the world.

by the way she was in the canadian newspaper 🙂

So follow her blog on


Marisa Gamez


Bienvenid@s a India de nuevo!
Estoy muy feliz. Llegué a Hyderabad el Domingo 4 de Septiembre para seguir una formación de Community Driven Development en Warangal, así que ahi vamos!!!