About me


I have been volunteering, collaborating and working since 2002 with different NGO’s worldwide: Movimiento por la Paz (MPDL), VOCES, Save the Children, CIC BATA,  INTERED, Secours Catholique, Caritas, World Humanitarian Summit (UN), Hamomi Children Center , AVOI, UNICEF, Fundacion Vicente Ferrer, Atletico de Madrid Foundation, ACF and UNESCO in Spain, France, Brazil, Argentina, Kenya, Portugal and Sierra Leone.

I hold a BA in Elementary Education (Málaga University), Public Administration (Paris XII University) and I’m currently finishing my MA in Humanitarian Action and NGOs (specialising in Extreme Environments Management).

It’s very important learning and putting into practice different approaches (multicultural, community-based, results-based or participatory approaches) while working.                                  In my opinion some of the keys of an efficient work are motivation, commitment, strong values, technical capacities and knowledge and perseverance.                                                                           I’m aware and convinced that both motivation and freedom of commitment are some of the most solid and important pillars in humanitarian and developmental work.

Some of my passions are the Arts, as well as composing, writing, singing, and taking part in Theatre of the Oppressed performances.



Marisa Gámez

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