Small lights

I feel grateful!

Most of the time Life, Love or God, brings to my life small lights to enlighten me.

Here I am talking about my room mate, Geneviève Minville, a wonderful young lady wtih a beautiful heart.

Sunday night when I arrived after a long travel from Malaga, Paris, Mumbai,Hyderabrad until Warangal, she welcomed me with a wonderful white smile. 

We spend our shared time having deep, ethical, moral, interesting conversations and of course also having fun singing ZAZ with the others. But something that I also value from her personality is that we can keep our space our silence.

She has a peaceful soul and she still transmits some kind of inocence, or maybe hope, and wherever she goes she gives light. 

So, yes, I am grateful for this room mate and new light close to me and of course open to the world.

by the way she was in the canadian newspaper 🙂

So follow her blog on


Marisa Gamez


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